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Intellectual Property Rights - By Avinash B. PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 February 2012 19:06

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(Contributed by Avinash B This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

1.What is intellectual property? 1.1Industrial Property 1.2Copyright 2.What are the conditions for assignments of trademark? 3.Write a note on deceptive similarity of trademark 3.1Definition 4.Explain assignment and transmission of trademarks 4.1.Meaning- 5.Explain the term license under the Copyright Act. 5.1.Definition 5.2.Form and contents of license 5.2.1.A license should contain the following particulars- 5.3Period of license 6.Write a note on Rights of Author 7.Explain compulsory licensing under Copyright Act. 7.1.Non-voluntary or Compulsory Licence 7.2.International Conventions and Non-voluntary Licensing 7.3.Compulsory licence of an Indian Work [S. 31] 7.4.Procedure 8.When can a license be terminated? 8.1.Termination of Licence Granted under sections 32(1 A) and 32A of non-Indian work [S. 32B] 9.How is infringement of copyright determined? 9.1.Infringement of Literary, Dramatic or Musical Works [S. 51 r/w S. 14(a)] 9.2.Infringement of Artistic Works [S. 51 r/w S. 14(c)] 10.What are the remedies available against infringement of copyright? 10.1.Authors' Special Rights [S. 57] 10.2.Civil Remedies 10.2.1.Procedure 10.2.2.The plaintiff has to establish the following: 10.2.3.The defendant may set-up one or more of the following defences: 10.3.Anton Piller Order 10.4.Interlocutory Injunction 10.5.Damages or Account of Profits 10.6.Criminal Proceedings [Ss. 63-70] 10.7.Threat of Legal Proceedings and Slander of Title [S. 60] 10.7.1.Threat action 10.7.2.Slander of Title 11.Write a note on copyright societies 12.Define ‘Patent’ and ‘invention’ 12.1. Patent 12.2.Invention 12.2.1.Definition- 13.Explain the various things which are excluded from patentability. 13.1.What is a Patent 13.2.Inventions not Patentable [Ss. 3-4] 14.How is infringement of patent determined? 14.1.In determining whether what the alleged infringer is doing amounts to an infringement of a particular patent three questions are involved: 14.2.What Constitutes Infringement 14.3.Who can Sue for Infringement 14.4.Defences for the Defendant 14.5.Reliefs 14.5.1.Interlocutory Injunction 14.5.2.Damages or Account of Profits 15.What is a trade mark? 15.1.Definition – 15.2.Function of a Trade Mark 16.Explain the evolution of Trade Mark Law 17.What are the marks that can be registered on Trademarks? 17.1.Definition – 17.2.Procedure for Registration of Trade Mark 17.2.1.Statutory Provisions 17.2.2.Who may apply to register? 17.2.3.Preliminary advise and search 17.2.4.Examination and Objections 17.3.Basic Principles of Registration of Trade Mark 17.4.Opposition to Registration 18.Explain the concept of Goodwill 19.Explain the concept of Industrial Designs 19.1.Definition of Design 19.2.Designs prohibited from registration 19.3.Registration of Designs 19.4.Rights conferred by Registration
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